Members of The Court 2016 / 17


Seated L to R

PP John Gazey; IPM Peter Wilford; PM Colin Harris (Enterprise Warden); Carole Wilson (Charity Warden); Brian Jackson (Senior Warden); Anthony Archer (Deputy Master); Steven Morson (Master); PM John Wilkinson (Clerk); David Hearn (Renter Warden); PM Charlie Platts; PM Derek Austin (FEW); Christopher Balder (Chronicler / PR Warden)

Standing L to R

PM Rajinder Singh Bansal (Enterprise Warden) PM Robert Stradling; PM David Bullman (Searcher and Almoner); PM David Evans; PM Rod King; PM Robert Crane; PM Keith Talbot

Absent from the Photograph

Rev David Mayhew (Guild Chaplain); Gordon Nicklin (Membership Secretary); PM Sudhin Basu; Clive Nelson; Clive Jones; Derek Crowley; Matt Johnson (Acting Junior Warden); Ron Robinson

(PP = Past President – PM = Past Master – IPM = Immediate Past Master)

see also:

The current Master of the Guild.

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How to become a member of The City of Coventry Freemen’s Guild


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