Invited Events

On this page we will be showing you the events that other Guilds within the Freemen of England and Wales organisation are planning, to which members of the City of Coventry Freemen’s Guild have been invited. If you are a Freeman of Coventry but you now live in another part of the UK, it may be the case that you can join Freemen from other towns and cities at an event near you. Or you may even find an event that you could attend when you are on holiday somewhere in the UK. In order to attend these functions you must still be a member of the City of Coventry Freemen’s Guild and make your application through us. If it is a banquet weekend, you can attend just one of the events listed (if there are any places available). In many cases helping to support an event being held by another Guild or Leet often means they can improve the quality of the event, because more people are attending. It also shows that Coventry Guildsmen are keen to support the comradeship being encouraged by the Freemen of England and Wales organisation.

If you are interested in attending one of these events (listed below) please send an email stating your name, date that you joined the Coventry Guild and the names of any guests that you intend to take with you to: We will then tell you more about this event (times, costs etc) and pass your details on to the relevant Guild or Leet.

Freemen’s Guild of the City of Durham 


Saturday 7th October

Freemen and Guilds of the City of Chester 


13th -15th October

Freemen of Oxford


Friday 1st December

City of Lincoln Freemen’s Gild


Saturday 27th January 2018