Programme of Events 2017 – 18


15th December – Guild Christmas Dinner in St. Mary’s Guiildhall (contact the Deputy Master, Brian Jackson)

23rd January 2018 – Apprentice of the Year Awards Dinner (contact the Enterprise Warden, Matt Johnson)

13th February 2018 – Ladies Night (contact the Senior Warden, Carole Wilson)

20th March 2018 – Special Appeals Dinner (contact the Senior Warden, Carole Wilson)

The contact details of each warden or officer are listed in The Guildsman magazine. These officers / wardens may change at the Banquet in May each year.

The new officers are listed on the page entitled The Coventry Freemen’s Guild Officers Roles

In order to participate in the Coventry Freemen’s Guild events and activities, you will have to become a member of the Guild.

To join the Guild please click on this link

Invited Events

There are also events that other Guilds within the Freemen of England and Wales organisation are planning, to which members of the City of Coventry Freemen’s Guild have been invited. If you are a Freeman of Coventry but you now live in another part of the UK, it may be the case that you can join Freemen from other towns and cities at an event near you. Or you may even find an event that you could attend when you are on holiday somewhere in the UK. In order to attend these functions you must still be a member of the City of Coventry Freemen’s Guild and make your application through us. To find out more about these events please go to the Invited Events page.



2 thoughts on “Programme of Events 2017 – 18

  1. hi
    Roy here ..coventry motorcycles
    abit off topic this one

    i need to get in touch with ron robinson..guild member
    iff poss can you pass him my phone number

    • I sent your phone number to Ron. Please confirm that he has got in touch ?
      Steven Morson
      Past Master and webmaster of The City of Coventry Freemen’s Guild

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