Programme of Events 2017

11th August – Skittles Night at the Barnacle Village Hall (further details from the Charity Warden, Ron Robinson)

20th August – Master’s Garden Party at the RAFA Club, 1 Lythalls Lane, Coventry (Please let the Master know now, as he needs to know how many are coming as there will be a hog roast this year)

9th and 10th September – Heritage Open Days (further details are available from our Chronicler / PR Warden P.M. Peter Wilford)

15th December – Guild Christmas Dinner in St. Mary’s Guiildhall (contact the Deputy Master, Brian Jackson)

The contact details of each warden or officer are listed in The Guildsman magazine. These officers / wardens have changed since the Banquet in May.

The new officers are on the page entitled The Coventry Freemen’s Guild Officers Roles

In order to participate in the Coventry Freemen’s Guild events and activities, you will have to become a member of the Guild.

To join the Guild please click on this link


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