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The Apprentice of the Year competition has been running successfully since 2005. The purpose of the Guild Awards is to celebrate the achievements of local young people who are either apprentices or trainees and who are currently undertaking a contracted training programme linked to a recognised career path. Nominees do not have to be in the final year of their apprenticeship or training scheme.

In 2012 the Apprentice of the Year competition was widened to look for two individual winners. One in the small to medium employer category (up to 200 employees) and one in the large employer category (over 200 employees).

There is a maximum of three finalists for each award who are selected from the total number of applications submitted to the Guild. These finalists are invited to meet a panel of judges in January of the following year, in order to select the two apprentices who, in the opinion of the panel, qualify for the titles of Apprentice of the Year. In addition, the judges have the option to award The Endeavour Award to a candidate they consider has overcome some considerable difficulty in their life or has gone the extra mile to help others (sometimes the winner has done both).

The Awards dinner is always held in St Mary’s Guildhall, during January of the year which follows the actual competition start date.

Each category winner of the Apprentice of the Year title receives a cheque for £1000 plus a trophy. In addition the companies and organisations that sponsor the winners of each category also receive a trophy. The Endeavour Award winner and remaining finalists receive a trophy and a cheque for £100.

The calibre of the candidates is always excellent and the judging panel constantly find it difficult to select the six finalists.

The following table lists the winners of each category (no Small and Large Employer Categories prior to 2012 so only one winner each year), the other finalists and the companies or organisations that sponsor each apprentice.


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Apprentice(s) of the Year Other Finalists
Apprentice of the Year 2017 (Large Employer Category)

Jeremy Blakey

Employer – Jaguar Land Rover

Training Provider – Warwickshire College

Apprentice of the Year 2017 (Small/Medium Employer Category)

Georgia Gaga

Employer – Dafferns LLP, Coventry

Training Provider – Coventry & Warwickshire Training

Endeavour Award Winner 2017

Sian Evans

Employer –  Jaguar Land Rover

Apprentice of the Year 2016 (Large Employer Category)

Shannon Lynch
Employer – Jaguar Land Rover

Apprentice of the Year 2016 (Small to Medium Employer Category)

Ella Jackson

Employer – Robert Welch Designs Ltd

Endeavour Award Winner

Christopher James

Employer – The Manufacturing Technology Centre

Apprentice of the Year 2015 (Large Employer Category)

Joe Chedzey

Employer – Jaguar Land Rover

Apprentice of the Year 2015 (Small to Medium Employer Category)

Jack Meek

Employer – Odissey Ltd.


Other Finalists in the Large Employer Category 2017

Jake Hyams – Ardagh Group

Lann Perry – Siemens Industrial Turbine

Other Finalists in the Small Employer Category 2017

Louise Holbrook – Premier Choice Telecom

Chris West – G3 Communications






Other Finalists 2016

Robert Wardle (Jaguar Land Rover)

Zorah Lahrasab (Joseph Cash Primary School)

Ciaran Gillespie (Green Telecom)







Other Finalists 2015

Ben Court

Teri-Ann McPherson

Stephen Pearce

Lauren Tolliday

Joe Wing


Apprentice of the Year 2014 (Large Employer Category) 

Samantha Gledhill

Employer – Federal Mogul Sintered Products

Training Provider – MGTS

Apprentice of the Year 2014 (Small to Medium Employer Category)

Laura Ascroft

Employer – Moseley Primary School

Training Provider – Employment and Skills Group

Endeavour Award 2014 Winner 

Elleisha Stinton 

Employer – Whitefriars Housing

Other Finalists 2014

Annel Ahmed (Green Telecom Ltd.)

Jon Holland (Coventry Citizens Advice Bureau)

Tom Lockhart (Warwick Manufacturing Group)

Emma Wilding (Jaguar Land Rover)

Apprentice of the Year 2013 (Large EmployerCategory)

Georgina Oag

Employer – Manufacturing Technology Centre

Apprentice of the Year 2013 (Small to Medium Employer Category)

Molly Smith

Employer – Arbil Ltd

Endeavour Award 2013 Winner 

Daniel Harvey (Jaguar Land Rover)

Other Finalists 2013

Darren Brink (Idiada Automotive Tech Ltd)

Roisin McCloskey (The Bridal Gallery)

Matthew Foster (Manufacturing Tech Centre)

Apprentice of the Year 2012 (Large Employer Category) 
Ellis SimpsonEmployer –  Sandvik Hard Materials LtdApprentice of the Year  2012 (Small to Medium Employer Category)

Christopher Williams

Employer –  D Williams and Son

Other Finalists 2012

Adam Green

Sarah O’Toole

Mitchell Pitt

Liam Bate

Carolyn Lee

Apprentice of the Year 2011 Winner 

Stephen Mason

Employer –  Jaguar Land Rover

Endeavour Award 2011 Winner 

Mark Watts (Whitefriars Housing Group)

Other Finalists 2011

Danielle Holmes (Jaguar Cars Ltd)

Ashley Wilson (Jaguar Land Rover)

Alice Stutins (Whitefriars Housing Group)

Nozrul Hassan (Jaguar Cars Ltd)

Apprentice of the Year 2010 Winner 

Rebecca Shaw

Employer –  Jaguar Land Rover

Endeavour Award 2010 Winner 

Ezekiel Belgrave

Other Finalists 2010

David Warner (Whitefriars Housing Group)

Aminur Rahman (Jaguar Land Rover)

Connor Walker (Unipart Eberspächer)

Callum Findley (Coventry City Council)

Danielle Holmes (Jaguar Land Rover)

Apprentice of the Year 2009 Winner 

Allan Howling

Employer – Jaguar Land Rover

Other Finalists 2009

Joe Connelly (Whitefriars Housing Group)

Paul Cope (Denso Sales (UK) Ltd)

John Croft (Jaguar Land Rover)

Andrew Hirons (Wickman Coventry Ltd)

Adam Walker (Jaguar Land Rover)

Apprentice of the Year 2008 Winner 

Joseph Baker

Employer –  Sandvik Hard Materials Ltd

Other Finalists 2008

Adam Walker (Jaguar Land Rover)

Esta-Jane Mace (Jaguar Land Rover)

James McEnery (Jaguar Land Rover)

Jamie Roach (Whitefriars Housing Group)

Stuart Wragg (Jaguar Land Rover)

Apprentice of the Year 2007 Winner 

Victor Asiasi

Employer – Dunlop Aerospace Braking Systems

Other Finalists 2007

David Worrall (Covington Developments)

Christopher Brown (Land Rover)

Stephen Foster (Whitefriars Housing Group)

Lee Woodward – (Jaguar)

Natalie Windle (Heart of England Training)

Apprentice of the Year 2006 Winner 

James Harrold

Employer –  Dunlop Aerospace Braking Systems

Apprentice of the Year 2005 Winner 

Stuart Tarbert


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