During the year the Coventry Freemen’s Guild holds a number of social, ceremonial and fundraising events.

The link called “Dates for your Diary” (below) will take you to the list of new events being staged by the Guild or where members of the Guild are involved.

Pease refer to your Guildsman magazine for details of the Warden who is responsible for each event.

Dates for your Diary 2017- 2018

Clicking on one of the page links (below) will take you to an explanation of these types of events or the report of a past event:

The Annual Banquet Weekend

Charity Awards Night

The Apprentice of the Year Competition

The Senior Freemen’s Evening

The Skittles Night

The Christmas Dinner

Ladies Night

HMS Diamond Freedom of Entry Parade – 16 October 2014



6 thoughts on “Events

  1. Who do I contact to book a place at an event. I am an ex apprentice and current Freeman of the City of Coventry. I cannot see anywhere to book a place.

    • Dear Simon, I have just sent you an email letting you know about our Guild meetings, events and how to gain access to our social calendar. I will look forward to your reply. Best wishes, Steven Morson (Senior Warden and Chamberlain)

    • All Guild members will have received the latest “Guildsman” magazine. Inside each magazine there is a page called “Dates for your Diary”. This page shows you the list of future events, with the date and venue. Next to each event is a two letter code for the Guild Officer who is organising that event. Below this table of events is a guide to which Guild Officer is being referred to by the code (i.e. their initials). For example if I am organising an event my initials are SM. You can then go to the page called “Addresses to Note” (towards the back of The Guildsman magazine) where you will find the address and telephone number for that Guild Officer.
      From Steven Morson (Senior Warden and Chamberlain)

  2. Please will you tell me the date of your Guild Banquet weekend this year, it is not on the website. I was given an email address, but got no reply

    • Hi Poppy Cooksey
      The Pre Banquet Get Together will take place on 8th May 2015 at the Days Hotel at 7 for 7.30 pm
      Contact: Past Master Charles Platts (please see your Guild magazine for contact details)
      The Annual Banquet will take place on 9th May 2015 at St. Mary’s Hall at 6.30 for 7 pm
      Contact: Past Master George Wilkinson (please see your Guild magazine for contact details)
      The Freemen’s Sunday will take place on 10th May 2015
      Commencing at the Council House for robing at 10 am
      The procession leaves the Council House at 10.30 am
      The Service begins at Holy Trinity Church at 11 am

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