The Coventry Freemen’s Guild Officers

Please send your email to and it will be forwarded to the appropriate Warden for you.

President = The Right Worshipful The Lord Mayor of Coventry Councillor Tony Skipper (web site:

The Guild President represents The City of Coventry and has the highest role at all of the Coventry Freemen’s Guild courts and functions. The Guild derives its authority from the Office of The Lord Mayor.

Master = Anthony Archer

The Guild Master represents The City of Coventry Freemen’s Guild at all official functions. As the Guild derives its power from the office of The Lord Mayor, the Master of the Guild is second only to this higher office during Guild functions. The Master also “chairs” all of the monthly Guild meetings.

Deputy Master = Brian Jackson

The Deputy Master represents the Coventry Guild at official functions when the Master is unavailable and is also the contact for the Guild Christmas Dinner and President’s Dinner.

Guild Clerk = John Wilkinson P.M.

The Clerk is responsible for all matters of official correspondence and records the minutes of the meetings.

Immediate Past Master = Steven Morson

Organises the Past Master’s Luncheon

The Guild Chaplain = Rev. Graeme Anderson

Graeme Anderson, the vicar of Holy Trinity Church in Coventry, is the Guild Chaplain. Although the Guild respects all manner of religious belief, all religious affairs, such as the Freemen’s Sunday, are conducted at the Holy Trinity Church in Coventry. (web site:

Renter Warden = David Hearn

The Renter Warden is the Guild name for our Treasurer and is responsible for all of the Guild finances.

Senior Warden = Carole Wilson

The Senior Warden chairs the Special Appeals sub-committee and the Social sub-committee. This Warden also organises the Ladies Night and the Charity Awards Night. At the Guild Admission Courts, the Senior Warden reads out the brief for new members on Guild activities, describes the ceremony of the Loving Cup and then introduces the Guild Officers.

Membership Secretary = Gordon Nicklin

The Membership Secretary is responsible for all matters relating to membership and subscriptions. This Warden also maintains the list of members who wish to receive The Guildsman magazine.

Junior Warden = Matt johnson

The Junior Warden is responsible for organising trips and excursions for the Guild.

Charity Warden = Ron Robinson

The Charity Warden is responsible for anything to do with fundraising, including the annual charity events.

Almoner = David Bullman P.M.

The Almoner will aim to help all Guild members who require assistance due to debilitating sickness.

Chamberlain = Peter Wilford P.M.

The Chamberlain is responsible for matters relating to The Guildsman magazine.

Enterprise Warden = Matt johnson

The task of the Enterprise Warden is to coordinate the Apprentice of the Year competition and deal with all matters connected to the promotion of Apprenticeship Schemes throughout the Coventry area.

Freemen of England and Wales = Derek Austin P.M.

The FEW Warden for the South Midlands Area, as well as being the Coventry Guild contact for all matters relating to the Freemen of England & Wales and our contact with fellow Guilds and Leets throughout the UK. The FEW has its own web site at:

The Searcher = David Bullman P.M.

The Searcher is responsible for the Guild silverware, the Guild robes, hats and “jewels”. The Searcher is also the contact for anyone who wishes to buy any Guild merchandise.

Coventry Freemen’s Charity = Keith Talbot P.M.

This charity is for elderly Freemen of Coventry who seek help with seniority payments (or special needs charity) from the charity fund.

Chronicler / PR Warden = Vacant

The Chronicler / PR Warden represents the Coventry Guild at press meetings and is the contact for such occasions as the Open Days and the Godiva Festival.

Web Master = Steven Morson I.P.M.

The Web Master is responsible for matters relating to the Guild web site and Facebook sites.

17 thoughts on “Contacts

    • Hi David, I have just sent you an email making sure this request has been dealt with. Regards, Steven Morson (Senior Warden and Chamberlain)

    • Dear Burgess R Fazackerley, I have just sent you an email to make sure that your request has been dealt with. Regards, Steven Morson (Senior Warden and Chamberlain)

    • Apologies for the late response to your request. Having sent off an email to your Court Leet, I have received a reply from Denise Laver (Provost of Altrincham Court Leet). I have asked our FEW Representative on the Coventry Freemen’s Guild Court to contact you all and establish a link between our Freemen’s Guild and the Altrincham Court Leet. I look forward to joining you all at an event in the near future. Please note that I tried to get details from your link on the FEW web site, but sadly your web link hits a failure point at the Trafford Council web page. Very best wishes Steven Morson (Senior Warden and Chamberlain)

  1. message for your Master, Peter Wilford
    Peter this is Julie Mulryan the bookings secretary for Silver Lining Ladies Chorus. I need to contact speak with you to confirm arrangements for our singing at the 11th December dinner.
    Unfortunately I have lost your contact details.
    Could you please contact me on 07854 798016 or

  2. The oath of Herbert Pemberton (Grey Friars Ward) has come into my possession after clearing my late father’s belongings. I believe he rescued the document from Alfred Herbert’s when the site closed. The oath is dated 31st January 1911 and indicates that Herbert Pemberton may have been employed by Alfred Herbert at that time. I would like to get this back to whoever it means most to and wonder if you could assist in this matter.

    Chris Hatfield

    • Hi Chris, We would be delighted to preserve that oath for you in our Guild collection. I will send you a private email to discuss this. Very best wishes Steven Morson (Deputy Master and Webmaster)

  3. Hi,

    I would like to make some enquiries regarding a piece of land which I believe may be owned by The Trustees of The Coventry Freemans Charity. Any assistance you may be able to give on this would be greatly appreciated.



    • Dear Rob Lees
      You will need to contact Mr. David Evans, at Baldwins (Coventry) Ltd, who administer the funds on behalf of the Coventry Freemen’s Charity.

      The telephone number is 024 7625 7317.

      The postal address is: Coventry Freemen’s Charity, Abbey House, Manor Road, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 2FW

  4. Hi
    I have completed an application form to join the Guild but I am unable to find on your website where to send it to. I need to send it by snail mail as I need to attached a cheque. Can you advise please?

    • Hello Peter,
      If you downloaded a copy of the application form from our web site then the Membership Secretary’s email address is printed on it.
      Please contact the membership secretary by email and you will obtain his address.
      If you obtained the application form by hand you should have been given an envelope.
      In the meantime I will be sending your email address to the Membership Secretary.

    • Dear Stephen,
      If you require a new Certificate of Freedom, please contact the Lord Mayor’s Office (contact details for the Lord Mayor’s Office is on our web page section titled “How to Join” towards the bottom just below where it says “How do I apply to become a Freeman of the City of Coventry?”)

  5. Please note change of address:-

    40,The Shribberies
    Cannon Hill
    West Midlands
    CV4 7EF

    Many thabnks,

    Doug Squires

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