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  1. Hi there,

    I wondered if you could help me please. My great-grandfather William (Henry) Whitmore born in Coventry in 1859, died December 1919 aged 60 years was an apprentice watchmaker & also worked on escapements. He was a Freeman of the City of Coventry. Do you have any information about him in your records, if so please could I have a copy? I really would appreciate your help.
    Best wishes
    Sheila J Ottewell (nee Whitmore),

    • Good evening Sheila,
      The City of Coventry Freemen’s Guild only keep records on Freemen who joined the Guild after being “made Free”.
      Although the Coventry Guild was formed in medieval times, like many other Guilds was disbanded by King Henry VIII who wanted the wealth the Guild then possessed.
      It was not reformed until 1946 so as your great-grandfather William (Henry) Whitmore died December 1919 he would not be listed in our records.
      I suggest that you check the records held by the Herbert Museum.
      Also, as your great-grandfather was an apprentice watchmaker I suggest that you also contact the Coventry Watch Museum as they may hold records of ex-watchmaker apprentices.
      Best wishes
      Steven Morson
      Past Master of the City of Coventry Freemen’s Guild

  2. I believe that I’m on the list for the official enrolment ceremony later this year, can someone confirm this please, and I’d be grateful if I could be furnished with the date of this ceremony if possible.
    Many thanks,
    Tony Cunningham.

  3. Good morning to you. do you have any records on Gilbert Richards. He was a councillor I believe and a benefactor to Broadway School now titled Gilbert Richards Centre

    • Hi Mick
      The Guild only keeps records on members of the Guild. I suggest that you contact the Council or Herbert Art Gallery.

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